Welcome to Heupel Farms!
Where we strive to produce sound, functional and productive livestock.
Located on the eastern plains of Colorado, just an hour or so northeast of Denver.
We raise high quality alfalfa hay, and grain crops along with our Registered Suffolk sheep flock and Boer goat herd. Feel free to contact us about anything here on our website, or stop by for a visit! We love showing people around the farm. Hope to see you soon!

Kurt, Carol, Kelsey and Kathleen
P.S. Heupel is pronounced “hoy-pull” or if you are from the Dakotas we do answer to “Hi-pull”
Our herd enjoying a day of grazing on the beautiful eastern plains of Colorado
Heupel Farms         Kurt and Carol Heupel
27488 County Rd 5     Weldona, CO 80653
970-768-1291 (Carol) 970-768-4955 (Kurt)
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